Defrost a Frozen Turkey Safely Spoiler: It takes longer than you may assume

How to Defrost a Frozen Turkey Safely Spoiler: It takes longer than you might think

Defrosting a turkey the suitable method would not require any particular abilities, however it does take time — maybe longer than you may count on if you happen to’ve by no means finished it earlier than. If you happen to’re planning to order a particular chook similar to an natural or kosher chook or a very massive or small chook, you will have to get it early to make sure it arrives by November twenty third. Now we have extracted Best Places to Buy Turkeys Online, and most will goal deliveries a day or two earlier than Thanksgiving, which suggests you do not have to freeze. But when your turkey turns up early, otherwise you purchased one from the grocery store upfront, you will have to put it within the fridge after which thaw it utilizing one of many strategies beneath.

Though there are not any viable shortcuts to defrosting a turkey with out risking a rubber chook or potential foodborne sickness, one of the simplest ways to defrost a frozen turkey is easy and delightful. And no, do not even consider using Microwave.) And if you happen to’re serving one thing aside from turkey, similar to brisket, rib roast, or duck, and have to thaw your entree, the identical method is finest for any lower of meat.

This story is a part of 12 days of ideasserving to you take advantage of your know-how, dwelling, and well being throughout the vacation season.

Listed below are one of the best methods to securely defrost a turkey — one sluggish and one somewhat sooner — earlier than Thanksgiving this 12 months.

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Must you defrost your turkey on the kitchen counter?

No, it isn’t secure, and it isn’t advisable to defrost a turkey or any poultry at room temperature. The important thing to defrosting a turkey safely is to not let any a part of the meat rise above 40 levels Fahrenheit for any lengthy time frame or foodborne micro organism will start to develop and multiply. Though you might be able to get away with defrosting smaller cuts of meat at room temperature, since turkeys are normally fairly massive and take a very long time to thaw, you may’t actually defrost a Thanksgiving turkey safely this fashion.

Finest technique to thaw a turkey: Use your fridge

This technique is essentially the most time-consuming possibility, however will produce one of the best outcomes, suggests the USDA 24 hours for each 4 to five kilos within the fridge Set to 40°F Or much less, which suggests you will have to put aside just a few days or as much as per week for a big chook. This technique requires the least quantity of effort. All you need to do is place the turkey in a bowl to catch the drips and go away it within the fridge.

To ensure the turkey (and some other meat) you are serving is fit for human consumption, get a meat thermometer. It is an reasonably priced funding in serving to you understand when your meals is prepared and protecting your friends secure.


How lengthy does it take to thaw a frozen turkey?

Here is a fast overview of how lengthy it could take to thaw a frozen turkey of various weights. be seen? It is undoubtedly clever to have a plan and set an alarm for the day your turkey wants to come back out of the fridge.

  • From 4 to eight kilos: 24 hours
  • From 8 to 12 kilos: 36 hours
  • 12 to 16 kilos: 4 days
  • From 16 to twenty kilos: 5 days
  • 20 to 24 kilos: 6 days

This turkey was thawed utilizing chilly water.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The quickest (most secure) technique to defrost a turkey: Use chilly water

This technique of defrosting a turkey will produce sooner outcomes than the fridge, however it requires just a few additional steps. First, place the turkey in a sealable bag and place it in a chilly faucet water tub within the sink or in a big container (similar to a cooler or clear recycling bin). The USDA recommends altering the water each half-hour. I’ve discovered it is best to defrost a turkey in a cooler that has a spigot: This lets you simply drain the water to make room for contemporary water—or drain it fully as soon as the chook is thawed. It’ll take about half-hour per pound to fully thaw a turkey utilizing this technique.

It takes somewhat work to go from frozen turkey to a scrumptious predominant course.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Are you able to defrost a turkey within the microwave?

The USDA says you may defrost a turkey within the microwave So long as you comply with the product directions and cook dinner it instantly after thawing. Even if you happen to might match this huge chook inside, I’d be very cautious of counting on the microwave to thaw a big hunk of meat. In reality, I recommend avoiding the microwave in any respect prices. Even hen is troublesome to defrost effectively within the microwave and is usually a fraction of the dimensions.

If something, use the defrost setting for only a few minutes to begin after which use a mixture of the chilly water tub and fridge strategies talked about above to defrost the turkey. Do not use the total time urged by your microwave to thaw that quantity of frozen meat, particularly suddenly. It will not be fairly, I promise.

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